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A rather lovely full lesson on Paul's escape from Damascus is written out with games and crafts is available here

A paul and Silas craft that could be used a a large class project comes from this colouring picture. scrunched up tissue paper or coloured plastic stained glass windows would both work. image is here

I think this craft looks amazing but just a little bit complex to set up. Basically the jail model is made and when it shakes the walls fall down. full instructions and printouts are here

Want a full lesson for just the Paul and Silas story, this one comes complete with a word blank worksheet and a coulouring page. link to PDF here

Comprehension check / GAME

As this session can be spread across three sessions in a rotation model (same story 3 weeks in a row just different activities) I thought i'd introduce a game that can be used to directly prompt questions about the 3 escapes in the story.
this is a simple game where you need a die per board and a pebble per child. (i use pebbles as they can be a prompt for Paul being stoned)

the game can be downloaded by clicking on the picture. it's designed on A3 / A4 paper.

Here are some starter discussion questions that you could use during the game.
  • why is that on the board?
  • what do you think the symbol at the end of the game is about?
  • why would rain stop a sermon?
  • do you think Paul was angry with the people who stoned him?
  • who was Paul with during this escape?
  • can you remember who became a Christian because of this escape?
  • do you think it was important for Paul to go to all these places?
  • do you think this was the end of Paul's journeys....why?
  • .................... do make up lots of your own!!!!

Craft (part 2) All age
this is a simple craft remembering how Paul escaped being stoned by playing dead. You need no special preparations and minimal materials. there is a PDF of the pathway and a picture of Paul but it's easy to draw your own.

here is the craft in 5 simple steps.

1. get your materials, a long strip of card and some extra for a picture of Paul.


As mentioned before :There is a full session of things to do through Scripture union be be found here

There are more angel crafts that one could shake a stick at, or use a stick for, but i particularly like this one that uses types of pasta. found here

Younger children will love the idea and the security of an angel leading them to safety, so why not make some wings. obviously you could just cut them from card, but paper plates give a great result. found here (warning glue gun needed or stapler, older children who take an interest could probably do this unaided)

There is a lovely jail craft described at this site using a foam tray and some twine wrapped round it. It's got no pictures sadly, though the concept is simple

There's a simple colouring page, some worksheets and a wordsearch to be found in this PDF package from calvery chapel. 

I have some very little ones in my group and so i'm trying to put more younger crafts on for them. this one is very simple and reusable. I bought a cheap wooden block set from what the locals call a 'Chinese' shop and using sticky tack i made a maze for the kids to solve. They can suse a finger to trace the route or a toy person, or a block with a picture attached with glue. Once solved you can let the children destroy it and make a picture of the house that Peter was looking for out of the blocks. 

CRAFT - middle or older

So here is the pop up card. It's shamefully lifted from other peoples graphics but i've tried to explain how to do it so you can remake it yourself.

Technical bit first. you need to spit up the working area into 6 equal parts. the middle line being the main fold if you want to make it into a card.

We don't often hit the books to get more theory, but this week i've been reading commentaries. The bible is great on the surface, and though most of the kids questions will always dwell on the more literal meaning of passages it good for the teacher to always be exploring their own faith. I've, sadly, met too many people who work with kids and never move past a child's understanding of faith.

My challange to you is why not try reading a bit deeper. There are loads of free resources such as 'youversion' and they don't all take hours and a theology degree to get your head round. 

Linked Resources
I've just discovered Martin's work on Bible cartoons, fantastic idea for a site, the mini images are free but bigger ones are really reasonably priced. the image is linked to the Damascus road cartoon.

Want to be a bit more focused on light, see the power it holds by trying your hand at some science experiments. 

Play the bleach trick, using really dark food colouring to illustrate the growing darkness of Saul's life, link into the idea that Jesus showed him his darkness, but also revealed himself in light - if you don't know this illustrations then find the details of how to organise it by clicking on the picture.

have you ever tried godly play? if so this video shows the story of the damascus road in full. click on the image to be linked to youtube.

Or would you rather just show a film clip? if you have the means it's a good way of bringing it to life. there are quite a few clips if you have a look round, a realistic acted one is linked by this image. (cartoon renditions are also easily found.)

- These Movie excerpts from TBN Movie about Paul called: "The Emissary"

Did you see the teaser?
Sadly this weeks work took a little longer in the preparation, but here is the full how to for 'Damascus Lanterns'

First i must say i couldn't have completed the craft without the artwork of Martin Young at bible cartoons.

Materials : 
1 half litre drinks bottle per child (this is a craft you need to save up for)
10 cm of 1cm wide ribbon per child
one electric candle per child (i found these in packs of 4 at a pound shop)
tissue paper
A4 thin card or paper
printout image of Saul on the road to Damascus (PDF)
craft knife
coloured sticky tape

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